Day 366!!!!! -Thank you all for watching in 2016

Finally it’s done! 🙂 i am proud and happy I «pushed» through these last 5-6 months even tho I didn’t have much inspiration 🙂

I took some of my drawings and put it on the floor to get a sense of how many 366 post-it drawings is, its a lot!


What I have learned from this project is this:

  • Just draw
  • Just draw
  • and finally, just draw.

I think I have gotten over the blank sheet problem:)

i am really looking forward to 2017, 2016 has been a bad year for humanity. I am gutted over the wrongdoings that has been committed this year, and i was personally too close to one of the terror acts (Nice). What really inspired me tho, is that even tho the terror struck in the backyard, the next day  streets was full of people that just have had enough, people was eating at cafe’s, shopping and laughing, a clear message to the so called terrorists – You will not win, never ever.

I am looking forward to a 2017 with new challenges personally and professionally, i am planning a new project that you may or may not see here 😉

my last (EVER!!!) post-it drawing :d




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