Forfatter: uelandart

Day 2

So here is my second Post-IT art, and again it was easy to get the theme. My dear Wife has birthday today, so i made it for her:)

And again i was playing with 2-point perspective on the gift

Love you hon.



My 2016 drawing project

I got a last minute idea; i want to draw one Post-it «art» every day for one year.

Why you say?

Cause i’m learning. I am learning to draw, and by pressuring myself to draw something every day, and Post It (pun intended), makes it harder to skip ( i hope)

Why Post IT art?

Cause it’s fun, its limited in size and easy to bring with me where ever i go


No. The most important lessons for me is to come up with something to draw every single day. It will be more of a practice for my imagination than my drawing, something i need.


i see myself not using more than 30 minutes on any of the drawings. I will sketch, ink and color(when time). I want to limit the time I use on the drawings so its «doable» every single day.


No, no no no:) i am a supernoob at drawing! don’t expect great art:) But maybe, just maybe, if i do this every single day, You will see an improvement in my drawings? i surely hope so:)

When do i start?

today, its 01.01.2016 and i will soon upload my first drawing (and its bad). As soon as i understand this website:)


Happy new year!