Day 12

I should probably have drawn this one yesterday, but i had no time, so i did it today. It was easy to get the idea, and thanks to a friend on facebook  that posted a nice black/white photo this morning i had the idea ready even before i got to work.

So again a traditional pencil-styled drawing, i promise tomorrow i will do an illustration again.

It took 18 month’s before the cancer took one of the world most influential musicians.

RIP Bowie and may the heavens enjoy your music now


Day 11

Monday, and what a blue one it was. Luckily the blue work-monday ended and i could get home to my lovely family, and after eating some nice indian i went for an hour run to get rid of the excess blue i had, and now everything is in balance again:)

Today i did a more traditional drawing, a hand study of my left hand, done with my .07 pencil, no inking and no coloring. i could have, and should have worked on the values and shadows longer, but the time wasn’t on my side today

Do you see the pinky (pun intended)


Day 10

I promised you a 3-panel comic, so i had to work a little with this one, the worst part was figuring out what to make, and after some intense thought prosess, i got…nothing, well that’s not true, i got something, i got the first part of an idea to a comic, so lets see where that idea takes me.

It was hard making 3-panels on a post-it, hey its hard making any illustrations on a post-it, and i had to do 3. And if that’s not enough the snow gods of Norway has suddenly awakened from hiatus, let the shuffling commence!

i was planning not to give any information about what the mini-comic is about, but i will give you this, LHCS2 stands for «Large Hadron Collider» season 2

It took some time, but here it is, and btw next part of this one wil be in one week, Sunday 17.01.2016


Day 9


Today we went to a playland nearby and it was very good, our little girl were in paradise.  We spent almost 3 hours there before the reality took a good chunk of our arses and we had to shuffle snow,  do the weekend shopping and other boring rl things.

I was originally planning to do a 3-panel story line. getting 3 illustrations on a post-it is pretty hard, but i could not quite get the story line nailed. But luck be a lady (do you see what i did there, thanks Sinatra). Luck be a running and smoking lady, and a dog. I had forgot to buy something at the shop and on my way back i saw a woman running with a dog on leash, carrying some clothes and smoking, she was my savior today, i just had to draw her.

i may try the panel tomorrow, enjoy your weekend.


Day 8

Have you seen the tv-show flash? if not, do it! it is fantastic, and when i watched it last night i knew what i would draw today, so today, in contrary to yesterday, i had no problem knowing what to draw, flash:)

I used the principles of actionlines to get the motion and movement lines to further show the motion. I also used Stanislav Prokopenko’s «bean» to draw the torso and hip movement. If you want to start to learn to draw, i reccomend to wisit

so before you even see him coming- the flash:


Day 7 (one week anniversary)

So, the one week mark, just 51 to go… 😉 and today was a hard one. I had no idea what to draw and after throwing away a couple of horrible ideas, i just looked around at my office and saw some shoes, shoes…let draw… a a shoe 🙂 so i went for it, let draw a sneaker i 2-point perspective,  a harder task than i first thought, but after testing on some scrap-paper i went for it, and it was…. wait for it… horrible. I sat there with a poorly drawn shoe in 2-point perspective, barely covering 1/3 of the post-it.

Lets add a football.. well, it got better, we have somewhat of an illustration but on coloring it goes bad, again :s. i go outside of the line bigtime. Lets draw some sand to cover it right, well, my coloring is 10 times worse than my drawing, and i have a very limited set of colors, so well.. i hoped my anniversary drawing would be good, it’s not. But as i told you, i will not hide my bad days (some may say all is bad, and i agree, but badder)

so yeah, here it isdag7

Day 6

I love yoga, i really do. But  i’m not disciplined enough to do it on my own, so i have to do courses. Over the past couple of years i have done basic course 2 times and advanced course 3 or 4 times so i get one day every week when i  do yoga. It’s an expensive reminder to do yoga, but there is more, the energy in the room and the fantastic yoga instructor we have makes it more than just poses and breathing.

do you yoga? if not, i strongly reccomend it, its good for the physical body and the mind.

So with further adieu, namaste:


Day 5

I wanted to draw something traditionally today as i had a little more time on my daily drawing. I went for a copy of Andrea Quartesi’s portrait by Michelangelo. Hey, if im learning to draw, why not study and learn from the best?

No inking or color here, just practicing values and shadow with my .7 HB


Day 4

First day back at work after Christmas holliday. First workday of the it self enough inspiration for a drawing.

I had a good day at work, but the feeling you get when you sit down at the desk after some days off, with to much to get through..

so, without further adieu:



Day 3

So, today started as a good day, we were having a birthday «party» for my wife and i baked some cakes and stressed around the home. the «party» was nice, but as soon they had gone i felt sick, i got dissy and got some anxiety.

it would not let go, so after we had dinner i had to go and lay down, it felt better after a while, but still i feel somewhat under the weather:s

Already on day 3 i got my first real bump in the road, i could barely stand, did not have any interest in drawing, and had no creativity. But i knew these days would come, and surely i had to draw something. I decided to draw how i felt, and it was done in probably  5 minutes, but hey, i am somewhat pleased with it. Not technically, but it illustrates how i feel.